Other NFC Solutions

The solutions we can adopt this technology are the most varied and allow a multitude of applications, below we mention briefly just to some other example reserving the right to provide further detailed information and draw them and develop them according to the individual needs of the business concerned.

Purchase and validate tickets for public transport and not.

Buy entrance to cinemas, theaters, stadiums and access to the service only approaching the mobile kiosk specially crafted.

Download and payment of games, MP3 files, videos and software.

Selection and payment of products displayed on supermarket shelves or other similar exercises that being equipped with NFC tags allow you to fill the shopping cart, but in addition to introducing the product in the shopping list, allow to also have information on scanned items, price, provenance, active promotions, possible recipes, check ingredients in a certain food that if this also in the custom cell because the owner is allergic, can instantly warn of the risk.

If you buy at the supermarket or other similar exercises, the NFC allows consumers to make shopping not only faster, but also to avoid long queues at the checkout, so the dealer can have a satisfied clientele that will more easily decide to return for future purchases.

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